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DNA-template: 007
STR-locus: DYS385b(K)
Link Out: GDB | STRbase
STR-allele: 11
DNA sequence: .
Comment: This is the DYS385b allele following the nomenclature of Kittler et al. [1]
For the typing of DYS385a/b allele separately a special set of primers is necessary. More Information in [1,2]

[1] Kittler R, Erler A, Brauer S, Stoneking M, Kayser M: Apparent intrachromosomal exchange on the human Y chromosome explained by population history. European Journal of Human Genetics (2003) 11: 304-314
[2] Niederstätter H, Berger B, Oberacher H, Brandstätter A, Huber CG, Parson W: Separate analysis of DYS385a and b versus conventional DYS385 typing: Is there forensic relevance? . Int J Legal Med (2004) 119: 1-9
Author: Thomas Krahn
Editor: thomas
Record created at: 2004.12.01
Last modification: 5988.03.20

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