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DNA-template: 007
STR-locus: Y-GATA-H4
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STR-allele: 13
DNA sequence: [TAGA]nATGGATAGATTA [GATG]p AA [TAGA]q= GenBank top strand.
Comment: NOTE: Original paper (Ref: White, P. S., Tatum, O. L., Deaven, L. L., and Longmire, J. L. (5-1-1999) New, male-specific microsatellite markers from the human Y chromosome. Genomics. 57(3): 433-437.) calls this a GATA repeat [GATA]nGAATGGATAGATTA [GATA]p AATA [GATA]q

Y-GATA-H4 allele nomenclature differences exist in the literature. Gonzalez-Neira et al. (2001) Forensic Sci. Int. 122:19-26 describes the H4 Y STR marker with allele ranges of 26-30 and uses the following for their repeat designation: (ATAG)4ct(ATAG)3(GTAG)3(ATAG)naatggatagattaa(GATG)2a(ATAG)4atac(ATAG)2

Butler et al. (2002) Forensic Sci. Int. 129:10-24 describes a primer pair that is internal to some of the repeats. The core repeat was designated TAGA and the nomenclature only uses the variable repeat (alleles 8-13).
Author: Thomas Krahn
Editor: thomas
Record created at: 2004.12.01
Last modification: 1921.04.28

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