About DNA-Fingerprint's Secure Server Certificate

DNA-Fingerprint offers a secure and encrypted website that is certified by the community driven CAcert organisation. We encourage all users to use this service, because we believe that DNA alleles, login names and passwords are a very private good that should be protected from third party sniffing and any kind of fraud.

If you want to use the encrypted website you only have to type https instead of http in front of the url in your browser.

http://www.dna-fingerprint.com >> Normal (unencrypted) website
https://www.dna-fingerprint.com >> Secure (encrypted) and certified website

The normal website also works if you leave away the leading www. But if you use the secure website you MUST use the complete URL.
https://dna-fingerprint.com will not work because we don't have a certificate for this URL.

If you use the HTTPS protocol the first time on our website your browser will probably complain about the connection, because CAcert will not be recognized by most browsers right from the beginning. You must accept this certificate to get access to the secured website. CAcert is not a commercial certification agency like Verisign or Thawte but a community driven organisation. We have choosen this way, because we want to support the idea of a community driven trust model instead of a hierarchical, profit driven model of commercial certification companies. Of course you can simply accept our certificate because you know us, but it would be worth thinking about installing the root CA certificate from CAcert on your browser to accept all certificates from servers that are verified by CAcert. You can get the CAcert root certificate from here.

Read more about the community driven CAcert organisation:


You can get a free certificate for your own server:

Get your own free CAcert certificate

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