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Access to your own userpage

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Procedure of accessing the private userpage for DNA-Fingerprint customers

Normaly every user can create his own account by himself. So if you place an order for DNA testing services at DNA-Fingerprint, we can directly enter your results on your userpage, if you give us your username together with your order.

If you don`t have an account when your first results are finished, we will create a new account for you with your laboratory number, which you have received with your sample kit. Of course we need your e-mail address to set up your account.
You can access your userpage by the following procedure:

1.) Go to http://www.dna-fingerprint.com/user.php?op=lostpassscreen&module=NS-LostPassword
2.) In the "User name" field type in your laboratory number:
E.g.: 5000.70 (e-mail goes to example@dna-fingerprint.com)
3.) Leave the "E-mail address" and the "Confirmation code" fields blank and push the "Send password" button.
4.) The system will send out an e-mail to you with a confirmation code.
5.) Go back to http://www.dna-fingerprint.com/user.php?op=lostpassscreen&module=NS-LostPassword
6.) Now fill out all fields (laboratory number, your e-mail address and the confirmation code).
7.) Push the "Send password" button again.
8.) You will receive an e-mail with a password, which you can use to log in your account.
9.) Now you can login in your account (laboratory number & the mailed password) and look at your results.
10.) Make sure, that you change your password at "My account" > "Edit your information"

Don't hesitate to ask me, if you have any questions.

Thomas Krahn


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