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How to get started

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If you are logged in, you can go to "My Account" and scroll down the page to view your STR alleles.

If you want to compare your YSTR alleles you can choose "Ymatch" from the menu on the left. You will get a long line of input boxes for each allele with your own values listed below.

If you just enter one of your alleles in the input boxes, you can search the database for other people that have the same allele. With some trying you can work out a small group of people that have similar alleles like you.

The query function also works with the C-types and G-types at DYS464X.

You may want to enter your results from other laboratories into the database. Use the function "My Account > Edit your DNA".
There might be some translations necessary to standadized official ISFG nomenclature if you're tested by other laboratories. You can look up the translation table at "YSTR conversion" from the left menue.

If you want, you can show your testing results to other visitors of the website. To publish your results you can go to "My Account > Edit your information" and check the box "Allow other users to view your DNA alleles".

If you are searching for something special it might be a good idea to use the search box on the top of every page. You can also search for other users there, but there is a more comfortable search option if you choose "Members List" from the left menu.

If you have more questions about the interpretation of the results you can certainly get more advice from the members of the Genealogy-DNA list at rootsweb:

Please understand that we can't give official interpretations of testing results from DNA Fingerprint, because in this young field of science the data still don't have a profound statistical base and discussions will easily drift to a speculative object. However I will certainly answer several questions that you might want to direct to the GENEALOGY-DNA list privately.

I hope this helps!



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