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Countries of Origin

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Recommended use of the country of origin labels:

Country Father means the country of your ancestors in a direct male line. (Will be used for Ymatch).

Country Mother means the country of your ancestors in a direct female line. (Will be used for MTmatch).

Country Origin means the "average" country of your ancestors in general of all lines except the two above. (Will be used for Xmatch).

To define the country of origin precisely we would need to include the dimension of time to describe the path of our ancestors. On this kind of three dimensional map we could trace the path of every family line back to "Adam and Eve" in Africa. But I don't have an easy way to implement such a 3D map right now.

Genealogists would prefer to exclude the most recent (quick) migrations of people during the last 300 years and focus on the period where people didn't move so much because of lack of technically advanced transportation. So the country that you select should be the country of your ancestors approx. 400 years ago. US citizens with non Native American ancestry should NOT select USA as their country of origin. Either they select unknown or they point to a random country within the continent their ancestors may come from.

The nice flags have been designed by Herman D. W.
and the original version of the mapping interface is based on Helio World.


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